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We provide kids with a curriculum and environment that will nurture a love for writing, inspire creativity, build community, and support academic standards--all in beautiful Nosara, Costa Rica!

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Learning Retreats


FLOW learning retreats foster creative thinking, student-empowerment, and a love of learning. Small workshop sizes allow for student-driven learning and accommodate the styles and skill levels of every child.

Participants develop vocabulary, organizational skills, and critical thinking skills to support academic growth--all while making friends and having fun! 

Our mission is to nurture imagination and to cultivate a relationship with reading and writing so that children can easily access knowledge and joy throughout their lives.


Writing Made Fun!

A mixed-genre literary immersion

4th-6th graders

March 3-6 - 9AM-1PM


In this four-day intensive, kiddos will practice essential grade-level skills, build confidence and community, and nurture their relationship with the craft of writing. 


Each day participants will experiment in a different genre: fiction, comic strips, poetry, and food reviews. These short bursts of focused learning encourage engagement, retention, and the chance to turn writing from a chore into a joy.


We welcome all reading and writing levels. We limit workshop size to attend to your child’s specific learning needs. Snacks are provided. All your kiddo needs to bring is pen, a journal, curiosity, and a willingness to play with words.

Fiction - March 3

On this day, we will share the books we love most and think critically about the reasons why. Students will learn story components, listen to examples, and try their hand at emulation, brainstorming, plot development, theme, and more.

Comic Strips - March 4

In the comic strip workshop, we will, of course, read comic strips and laugh a lot. We’ll also learn how the 3-panel comic works and make our own. Students will learn about metacognition, illustration, suspense, showing vs. telling, and editing.

Poetry - March 5

This workshop exposes young writers to multiple poetry forms and devices. Students will practice reading independently, using metaphors and similes, generating work, collaboration, feedback, revision, and performance.

Food Reviews - March 6

This is a creative, collaborative, high-energy workshop! In addition to the components of critique, your food critic will learn how to research; write introductions and conclusions; develop their writer voice; provide evidence; assess their work; and celebrate their successes.


Nosara book club helps kids develop literacy skills and a love of reading.  At each meeting, participants will broaden their vocabulary, increase their fluency, garner respect for differing perspectives, and engage in open dialogue about challenging subjects. Readers are invited to meet each session, or pick the books and sessions that coincide with their schedules and interests. 

A follow-up workshop is offered for each book club meeting. During these kid-driven sessions, we will explore participants' points of interest in that month's book and spin them into exercises to more deeply explore the connection between reading and writing.

The selections below are intended for fourth through eighth graders. Please peruse the library with your children and choose books appropriate for their ages, skill levels and interests. 


Book Club and Workshops

Book Club
We meet from 4-5:15PM. Read the book BEFORE the meeting date!
Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons allow FLOWers to reach new levels of proficiency in reading and writing. Learning can be fun and progress can come fast when customized to serve your camper's specific goals, skills, interests, and learning styles. 


Each session is 45 minutes long with an instructor/parent meeting preceding the first. 


Each session is 45 minutes long with an instructor/parent meeting preceding the first. 


Each session is 45 minutes long with an instructor/parent meeting preceding the first. 

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