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National Poetry Month, Earth Day, and More

Dear Poet

April is National Poetry Month, and each year the Academy of Poets presents “Dear Poet,” which is a multimedia education project that invites young people in grades five through twelve to write letters in response to poems written and read by award-winning poets. Encourage your kiddo to participate in this project and introduce them to the work of some amazing contemporary poets:

Reverso Poem

Introduce your kiddos to a new genre of poetry by asking them to emulate Marilyn Singer’s award-winning Mirror Mirror: A book of Reverso Poems. A reverso is a poem written in two halves. In reverso the second half reverses the lines from the first half. You can change the punctuation and capitalization, but try to say something different in the second half. Kiddos can see Singer reading some of her work here:

Memorable Nature

Ask your kiddos to write a list of their most memorable moments that they have had in


What did they observe that brought them joy, made them scared, or maybe inspired

them? They can just make a list or encourage them to write a story about this moment giving as many delicious details as they can about the experience.

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