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Workshop - Wed June 24

  • If your young reader enjoyed this book, send them to this kid-driven, follow-up workshop. 

    • Book club will be held in Playa Pelada at Casa Sonrisa - 300 meters southeast of Lagarta Lodge, on the upper road, lot A100.
    • Please make sure that your  kiddo reads the book before our meeting. We encourage kids to read with a pen/highlighter in hand and underline or highlight any passages that they like or find interesting or confusing.  
    • Encourage your kids to keep a list of any new vocabulary words and take the time to look them up.
    • Have your reader write two questions before the group meeting and have them bring those questions to our meeting.
    • Bring your copy of the book to our book club meeting so that each participant will be able to refer to the text during our discussion.
    • Please drop your kiddos off five minutes prior to start time so that we will have ample time to discuss the book assigned for the week.
    • We will provide light snacks and beverages.  Please let me know about any allergies or food restrictions.
    • Please be prompt for pickup!
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