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School’s Out for Summer: End of School Year Writing Activities

Summer Bucket List Poem

If your kiddos are unfamiliar with list poems, have them begin by reading “Bleezer's Ice Cream,” by Jack Prelutsky:

Next ask them to begin by writing a list of all of the things they would like to do this summer. Once they have compiled their lists, ask them to write a poem that incorporates all of the things from their list.


Ask your kiddos to write a letter to kiddos who will be entering the school grade that they just completed. Some questions to get them started: What will they need to know to succeed? What is the most fun project they will do? What is the hardest thing they will learn? What are some perks of being in their new grade?

Best Book Review

Ask your kiddos to read some reviews of books that they have read or want to read. Discuss with them what they notice about the format and details of each review. Once they understand the format, ask them to write a review about their favorite book that they read this school year. Their book review should include the book's title and author; a short summary of the plot that doesn't tell too much (no spoilers!); comments on the book's strengths and weaknesses; and their personal response to the book with specific examples to support their opinion.

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